SUSTER APUNG (The Floating Nurse)

suster apung, arfan, appang, dokumenter, eagle awardDirector : Arfan Sabran, Suparman Supardi
2006  I  Documentary  I  15 menit
Bahasa Indonesia  I  Eagle Awards 2006
Subtitle : Bahasa Indonesia, English

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Hj. Rabiah has been assigned as a nurse for 28 years in Liukang Tangaya archipelago, a remote place in south part of Sulawesi island, in the middle of Flores Sea. As a nurse, she’s definitely not an ordinary nurse. She sail through billow and crossing the boundaries of nurse authority. The minimum facility from all of those desolated places never fails her.

Awards and Festivals:
Best Film at Eagle Awards Documentary Competition 2006  I  Best Cinematography at Eagle Awards Documentary Competition 2006  I  Viewer’s Favorite Eagle Awards Documentary Competition 2006  I  Highly Commended for Best Documentary Program Category at the 12th Asian Television Awards 2007  I  Top 10 for General Category at Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta 2006  I Official selection,Konfiden 2007, Jakarta  I  Asian Hotshots Film Festival Berlin 2011  I  Online screening on Humanity Explored Film Festival 2012, by  I  Official Selection Aperture International Etnography Film Festival 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

PIKKOKU (My Pikko)

swedish, swedia, workshop, short film, scriptDirector : Arfan Sabran
2008  I  Fiction  I  14 min.
Bahasa Indonesia  I  Swedish Institute
Subtitle : English, Bahasa Indonesia

This story talking about friendship between Luna (7 years old) and with her lovely parrot, Pikko. But suddenly, global issue – bird flu – influence their live and their friendship.

Awards and Festivals:
Best Script at Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop 2008  I  Screening at Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) 2008  I  Screening at Europe on Screen (Festival Film Eropa) 2008  I  Screening at KONFIDEN (Festival Film Pendek) 2008 in Jakarta  I  Screening at Gotheborg International Film Festival in Sweden.


PAOTERE (The Fish Market)

paotere, jiffest, dokumenter, arfan, anak, pekerja anakDirector : Arfan Sabran
2009  I  Documentary  I  22 menit
Bahasa Makassar  I  ECCO Films Indonesia
Subtitle : English

Reza (9 years old) and Arfah (12 years old) are two little boys bearing huge responsibilities. Both of them have to work from dawn to dusk in the fish market, taking any kind of job they can get. They have a family to feed and their own dreams to live.

Awards and Festivals :
Official Selection of The International Documentary film festival “anuu-ruboro” (the man’s shadow) in Caledonia, 2011  I  Screening at Boemboe Forum 2011, IKJ Jakarta 2011  I  Runner up on Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) Yogyakarta 2010  I  Official selection of Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) 2010  I  Official selection of Festival Film Eropa (Europe on Screen) 2010  I  Berlinale 2012, Germany  I  Asia Forum 2012 in Ex-is Festival 2012, Seoul Korea.



batang uru, bakti, mikrohidro, listrik, swadayaDirector: Arfan Sabran
2010  I  Documentary  I  20 min.
Bahasa Indonesia, Mamasa I  BaKTI (Bursa Kawasan Timur Indonesia)
Subtitle : Bahasa Indonesia

Batanguru is a small village in West Sulawesi that develop microhydro to get their electricity power. But now they can produce many turbine by their self and sell it to many area in Sulawesi. This film try to take their spirit and how they can manage their environment to get many energy that they need.

Award and Festival:
Best 5 nominee for Best Documentary Category Indonesia Film Festival 2010.


Director: Arfan Sabranlanding soon #6
2008  I  Documentary  I  15 min.
Bahasa Indonesia  I Cemeti Art House
Subtitle : Bahasa Indonesia, English

In Cemeti Art House’s Recidency program, I try to explain what the meaning of friendship and victims when politics has big power for influiencing others.

Award and Festival:
Exhibition in Jogja National Museum 2008  I  Exhibition in Erasmus Huis in Jakarta 2009.



jica, puawang, petani, gotong royongDirector: Arfan Sabran
2010  I  Documentary  I  12 min.
Bahasa Indonesia  I  JICA – CD Project
Subtitle : Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese

This film talking about farmer organization in Majene, West Sulawesi which struggling to chance their bad environment better.

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